Saturday, July 27, 2013

SpinTunes #7 Round 2 Review: T.C. Elliott

After a discussion about hearing the song through the mix,arrangement and performance I tried not to focus on production as much this week. But I'll be honest, it did effect my scoring, probably more than I would have liked.  This week was even harder to judge than last week which wasn't easy. This is definitely a strong group of songs. From top to bottom and throughout the creativity and songwriting skill was apparent.
Generic Relationship Song - Turboshandy
-The first time I listened to this (outside the LP) I thought the sections were a tad disjointed, but after sitting with it a bit, I think this is working really well. I like the guitars, I like the melodies, I like the story.  I think the musical sections did a pretty good job of relating the lyric. Nearly every section could be expanded into a song of its own, I think, but works really well here. It might be the pop-punk feeling I get from it, but I really like this song.
2 Minute Meltdown - Ominous Ride
-That very first section was fine, but I think it would work better for me, if the guitars were less spacey and the distant effect was primarily on the vox. It's a minor issue at worst but is made more obvious by the very good second section. The other issue with the first section is that the fourth line kind of ran into the fifth line. There are two separate thoughts that kind of get confused. Again another minor point. The second section is my favorite, I like the tyrants image and the music. The third is good but not quite as powerful as the first. The ending was too abrupt the first time I listened but I think part of that was the next song starting so quickly after it. Listening in isolation it really worked and fed the meaning of the lyric. I like this one.
Breach - Mariah Mercedes
-Have I mentioned I really like your vox, Mariah? Well, I do. I like the angle you took with this song. It almost feels like it didn't get the time it needed, but after a listen or two it works pretty well. I like the end of the second section with the overlapping vox and you did a very good job with the transition into the third section which I think you sang very well. Even though that final chord does give a sense of finality, I think I'd like the song better just omitting it and letting the acoustic trail off.  But overall this is a good song and I like it.
Goodbye - Blimp Exhaust
-I like your guitars almost every time. And this is no exception.  I like your phrasing and the transitions were top notch. The melodies are cool. The first time I heard the detuned guitar near the end I was cringing just a bit, but the more I listen the more it works for me. It fits pretty damn well.  The more I listen the more I like this one.
Possibilities - Edric Haleen
-This is probably the most fun song of the bunch. I like your angle, I think you executed it very well. I'm not a big fan of songs drawing attention to themselves, but that's the whole premise of this one. So it feels just a bit uneasy to me in an abstract way, but man I cannot deny the creativity and the execution were both top notch. Again your lyrics are a strong point. And as a side point, I like your vocals. They sound like they'd fit right into a Disney movie, it has that much character in it. I like this song.
Airport Rag - Steve Durand
-You set up a couple of perfect rhymes and then go with a non-rhyme and then a few couplets letter an off rhyme. I like off or near rhymes, I think they are very creative, or at least can be. However, if you set me up for stable couplets and then give me non rhymes I begin to feel uneasy. I do like the waltz section, the transition works well and it's a nicely played move.  I like that... clarinet? sound pretty well.  I'll say the rhyme pattern in the last section is slightly more complex and well done. And before you ask, no I do not have any idea why the rhymes of your song stands out so strongly to me.  Overall I like your idea for this song, but it just didn't grab me (as much as some other songs), especially on multiple listens.
Wormhole to hell - Sid Brown
-I like the guitars. I like the lyric except for one line: "It's here from the demons of my world I'll hide" I had to re-read it to get it. I don't have enough spare brain power to be deciphering things like that. Yeah, it ain't THAT bad, but still....  The transitions worked pretty well for me, the rest of the lyric was decent, your angle seemed unique compared to the others (although Edric had a wormhole, too) and overall it was pretty good. Of course you're one in a group of pretty damn good songs, so....  I liked this song.
Halcyon - Emperor Gum
-I liked the tone and attitude in the beginning vocal. And I like the guest spots. I like the strings, too.
The first transition to the piano was a little rougher (not bad, just noticeable) than the last one which was pretty seamless. Another cool angle to write a song about. It's an interesting story that kept my attention and I do like a good duet, not a song that *could* be sung by two people, but a real song written for two people.  I like this song.
Transition - Menage a Tune
-Another duet, another interesting take or angle. The second section is my favorite, but the next part lost me. I do like the lyric and the concept quite a bit. Ultimately this one failed to keep my attention as well as some of the others even though I admire the story here more than some.
Marriage in Seven Parts - RC
- I like the guitars, but to me the vocal doubling seems to similar to the guitars except where the harmony really carries it.  The transition from engagement to yesterday was just a touch rougher than I would have liked (and yes I'm nitpicking a little bit.) The third section didn't work for me lyrically. You still lover her but you only see her because she's still there? Each section is very good musically but I did notice the transitions in general. The drifting section is pretty darn good lyrically and musically and as a whole, though.  The Faithless section is a bit redundant, though *evil grin*.  That's a lot of faithlesses.  The last section is pretty hopeful considering the story .  I will say that being guitar/vox this is a pretty darn full sound and it was literally a listen or two in before I began to miss a more full arrangement. It definitely stands as is. I like this song.
Synesthesia - Governing Dynamics
-I like the guitar, the tone and playing. The melodies are good here especially the "your laughter" section, it's a high point vocally/melodically.  This holds together pretty darn well. I think choosing to go GnG was a bonus on this, it shows off your  song pretty well. I think this song gets stronger as it goes.  I like this song.
Bloodstream - Boffo Yux Dudes
-I was really digging it until the "Cool clear melon" section which kind of brought me out of it. On multiple listens I'm starting to get it. Especially when the harmony vox comes in. It works better the more I listen. It didn't grab me as much at first as it does now. In fact I'm starting to appreciate that last section more and more.
Hell-A-X   - Riker's Island
-I find it odd that your vacation song got diverted into a rant on anti-liberty forces of totalitarian forces even though I agree with the message totally. I like your melodies and that guitar when it kicks in is welcomed and I appreciate it nicely. I have to admit until I took a look at the lyric I didn't really "get" the song. Now it's growing on me as I listen.
 1. Generic Relationship Song - TurboShandy
 2. Goodbye - Blimp Exhaust
 3. Possibilities - Edric Haleen
 4. Breach - Mariah Mercedes
 5. 2 Minute Meltdown - Ominous Ride
 6. Wormhole to Hell - Sid Brown
 7. A Marriage In Seven Parts - RC
 8. Hell-A-X - Riker's Island
 9. Synesthesia - Governing Dynamics
10. Halcyon - Emporer Gum
11. Bloodstream - Boffo Yux Dudes
12. Transition - Menage a Tune
13. Airport Rag - Steve Durand