Saturday, August 24, 2013

SpinTunes #7 Champion: RC

SpinTunes #7 Champion: RC
Runner Up: Ominous Ride
3rd: Edric Haleen
4th: Blimp Exhaust

Congrats to RC, who is now our new #SpinTunes champion!  No challenge was too great for you this time around, and now you'll get a fancy free t-shirt as a reward.  The more important prize is the music you & the others created, along the admiration & respect you have from us all here.

As the current champion of SpinTunes, you have the option of judging SpinTunes #8.  When I start preparing for the next contest, I'll e-mail you to find out if you plan on wielding the gavel or not.

The other finalist should hold their heads high.  They faced 4 challenges, conquered them all, and created 4 new songs for the world to enjoy.  Well done.

Totals & Reviews:
In the end 13 people sent in their votes/rankings.

RC - 3-2-3-4-4-4-3-3-2-3-1-3-3 (38)
Ominous Ride - 4-1-1-3-2-2-4-4-3-4-3-4-2 (37)
Edric Haleen - 1-4-4-1-3-3-2-2-1-1-2-1-4 (29)
Blimp Exhaust - 2-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-4-2-4-2-1 (26)

Popular vote totals:
Ominous Ride - 6
Edric Haleen - 6
RC - 3
Blimp Exhaust - 2
(17 votes total)

Judges:  Ross Durand - Dr. Lindyke - Brian Gray - T.C. Elliott - Felix Frost
Guest Judge:  Scott Barkan
Alternate Judge's Review: N/A

Thank You
Competitors, judges, guest judges, shadowers, fans, Tom for hosting the LP, Matt for the album art, and anyone that had anything to do with this contest.  I just happen to be the guy that makes this shit up as I go, but none of it is possible without the participation of all you wonderful people.

Oh, and congrats to the judges who didn't miss a single deadline! Never thought I'd see the day. ;p

The next contest will probably start around January. Make sure you follow @SpinTunes on Twitter for contest updates. Between Song Fight, Nur Ein & various other projects, there should be plenty to keep you busy until SpinTunes #8. If you've completed at least 1 song for SpinTunes, you are also welcome to join the SpinTunes Facebook group.  It's a good way to keep in touch, and we post about related news in there as well.