Saturday, August 2, 2014

SpinTunes #9 Round 2 Reviews: Ross Durand

First of all, thanks to Travis for letting me participate as a guest judge. I have been a part of every SpinTunes and feel lucky to be able to participate this way.

Second of all - sorry these reviews are not as thorough as they could be, but they do accurately express the broad strokes of my key reactions, and I stand by my rankings.

So, here goes…

Steve Guiles
I love that this is about a dog, so many dogs give unconditional love to undeserving owners. Clever lyric work. I was not totally sold on the musical style to start, but the concept and lyric work won me over!

Turbo Shandy
Reminds me of Teenage Fanclub in a good way. It did, however, get a little monotonous in terms of the arrangement. I get your dedication but not so much the undeserving part, the song is quite vague along those lines.

Zoe Gray
I like the mood change from the verse to the chorus. This is cute and well done. I like the cheesy sound of the chorus.

Steve Durand
Different in that the narrator knows why they are dedicated to one who is undeserving - not sure how I feel about that - trying to figure out if it’s the same as unconditional. The arrangement and performance are excellent - your singer did a great job!

Governing dynamics
I normally really like your stuff. But I did find myself getting a little bored by this particular piece.

Jerry Skids
This is very good - right in the stylistic pocket. Lyrics well done for the innuendo. I wish the unconditional was a little stronger - the suspicion is present.

Brian Gray
The arrangement doesn’t quite support the spaces between the lines of the verses. I don’t really read the bios - if i can’t the get song on it’s own I think there is some sor tof inherent weakness. I don’t get how this fulfills the challenge.

Kolton H
I like the change of feel when the drum machine comes in. Interesting angle - so good points on that - I like that it seems like it could be about both the drug and/or the person with whom you share the addiction. Not my thing - but I like what you did here conceptually.

James Young
Moth is a fun analogy - not sure the lyrics quite support the “clearly doesn’t deserve it” - but it does show forgiveness. Goes on a little long, but good.

Sid Brown
OK - I like the hook line - the reasons to “clearly not be deserved’ could be a little more extreme, but work ok.
Army Defense
Boring lyrically.  I am not convinced this meets the challenge.  And musically I found myself a little bored.

MC Ohm-I
Genre bias alert! Also - your lyrics totally lose me, I am a little befuddled by the role of death in the song and how it relates to the worthiness of the love recipient.