Tuesday, May 30, 2017

We've Moved!

A few little housekeeping notes that many of you won't notice, but some of you will.

First: The web address of the SpinTunes contest has been changed to

You can see it right there at the top of the page. What that means for you is... well, not much. Except that links to specific pages on the old blog may need to change. Just add "contest" after "spintunes". Otherwise they'll just re-direct over here to the newest page.

The one thing that might throw you is that the re-direction of the old page might... just might... cause some security software to have a fit. So if you have browser bookmarks that point to the old address, please update them.

Second: As you read many of the pages on this site, you'll see that they were posted by "Spintunes Contest".  The blog, the email address, and all social media accounts will be managed under that account. So don't be surprised if you receive emails from that name. If you need to whitelist email addresses, then add spintunescontest@gmail.com. And if you're on G+, you can follow "Spintunes Contest" to get notice of these announcements as they're posted.

-- Dave Leigh