Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NEW: SpinTunes Forum

We have had an issue with the fact that a number of SpinTuners (both composers and judges) are not on FaceBook and thus miss the scintillating discussions in the private group. An even larger number are not on G+. So in an effort to be more inclusive and hopefully not to get too confusing, I'm opening up this ProBoards BBS.

(You'll find a permanent link to the forum on the sidebar to the left.)

SpinTuners are invited to sign in and set up an account, as in the future I may refer you to the BBS for some information. Also, it's a GREAT place to get together about tips, tricks, specific issues... since you can create your own threads and they're persistent, they won't scroll away and get lost like they do on FaceBook and G+. It should make it easier to find things.

So if you've got something that looks like it's going to be a discussion or maybe good reference that needs to be persistent, it would be wonderful if you started a thread here and linked to whatever social media site you use. Then we can share the link more broadly and get folks involved who would otherwise be left out.

No need to do that for quick shares, memes, and other "social media stuff". Just keep using FB or G+.

When you first visit you'll find yourself in the "Public Lobby". At this time, this is open to the world. If you've competed in SpinTunes or Song Fu before I'll grant you "SpinTuners" group membership so you can privately discuss private things in a private place. If I haven't granted you access in a reasonable amount of time, poke me about it.