Saturday, August 26, 2017

ST13R4 Reviews: Paul Rosenbluth

Okay, round four.  Wow!  What great entries.  I’ve been told there was an easy way to approach this challenge but I honestly don’t know how you all pulled this off.  To be honest, the first time I listened through all the songs, I thought they were good, some things stood out but overall my impression was “okay.”  Then I listened again and again and again and each time I heard more complexity and depth.  Some really ingenious work here.  Congratulations to all!

So here we go…

Menage a Tune - Rebels Out For Glory / Reflected Glory 06:33
Such a pretty song melodically!  Really fine lyrics that paint some beautiful images. I really liked each song separately and really love them together.  In the second song, the moon really gets a personality.  The combined songs add an intangible element and are a whole new thing.  Also love the end of the song and the line “happy to share the sky with you.”  Simply gold!

Jailhouse Payback - Path of Totality / Oregon to Myrtle Beach 08:38
I really like the contrast of the longing style of the first with the upbeat tempo of the second.  The two complement each other very nicely.  I especially like the guitar work in the second piece.  Excellent lyrics and enjoyed the Spanish flavor to the music.  Excellent!

Sara Parsons - Eclipse 04:04
Smart lyrics.  A light, happy melody.  Beautiful vocals (as always).  Interesting to start the first song with the upbeat and follow with the slower song.  The two really sound good together.  Marvelous!

Jerkatorium - Oh No / Sunblock (ft Sheri Hinshaw) 02:52
This is quite genius the more I listen to it.  The first song really passes for an intro into the second as if one song and the combination is perfect.  The second song is catchy and fun with nice accents and harmonies with the background vocals.  So seamless.  Really impossible to tell if this is one song, two, or three.  Outstanding work!

Governing Dynamics - Tension (Shadow) 04:24
Really thoughtful lyrics in a very thoughtful piece.  Great delivery.  Some awesome lines in here: “and we try to let love win and hope that won’t leave us with nothing.”  Also, “there’s right and there’s wrong and there’s wool over eyes.”  Great images.  Very well done!

Glen Raphael - Be Kind / Call Names (ft. Melissa Phillips) (Shadow) 03:48
Really enjoyed hearing Glen and Melissa together.  Two good songs. Really nice together considering how different each is alone.  I like the cheeky mood of the second with the guitar punctuation marks and sassy vocal styling.  I also enjoyed the percussion element – spoons?  Very fine work!

Army Defense - Wabasha Shadows (Shadow) 10:04
A nice, catchy composition.  Smart, creative lyrics.  The songs complement each other well.  Love the line “Just because you want it doesn't make it so.”  Really fine work.

Micah Sommersmith - Song About the Sun and the Moon (Shadow) 03:32
Very Micah Sommersmith.  A signature style that made it a little difficult to distinguish the two songs but I guess how they work together is the point.  I could see this song being sung by minstrels in a “Game of Thrones” episode.  Nice work!

Rob From Amersfoort - Dance Around The Sun - The Moon King (Shadow) 03:13
Enjoyed this more and more the more I listened to it.  Reminiscent of a lost deep track from the Beatles’ “White Album.”  Nicely done!