Saturday, February 27, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 3 Reviews: Rachel Clark

Governing Dynamics - Wax Wings
Fantastic use of the music/ guitar riff to pull the listener in to (and through) the song. The vocal harmonies were also a nice addition with the build-up, to the instrumental drop; I felt this gave the song the space it needed and still kept me intrigued. It lost my attention a little at the 5min mark as it is quite a long song but did pull me back in with the music at 5:15.

Ross Durand - Sympathy For Hades
The music really took me visually into the world of Hades, well-crafted lyrically. Very well written first person perspective – Track has a lot of potential.

Megalodon – Cassandra
Very Catchy, particularly good hook – You have strong word choices and creative use of Rhyme.
The music was very fun and upbeat which was quite peculiar with the lyrical content – An overall enjoyable track.

Ominous Ride - Sisyphus
Good use of style/ music to set the mood; Lyrical content and music complimented each other nicely. Set the scene and story well. The voices through the conversation were also clearly portrayed and solidified the story. Overall, a crafty and entertaining track.

Mark Humble – Waiting for Persephone
Beautiful melody and use of harmonies – I felt this track was lyrically and musically a very poignant song – Set the scene of waiting and longing in a very beautiful and romanticised way.

Jailhouse Payback - The Story Of Xenu And The Revolt In The Stars
This track was a very fun and enjoyable country song. Quirky choice of topic but captured the story and told it really well; both with the musical choices and the vivid story-telling within the lyrics.

James Young – Unbound
The driving guitar in the space between lyrics gave this song a strong feel.  The lyrics in the third verse were particularly strong/ well-written. This song had a great (and rocky) feel that crafted a very visual image of the fallen diety bound in chains.

Emperor Gum – Pyramus
Lyrics are beautiful and well-written but the melodic choices of the vocals were sometimes slightly off with the music. The musical composition itself was quite intriguing

Edric Haleen - Is That Too Much To Ask? (An appeal To The American People)
Very strong voice and theatrical presentation but the story didn’t really resonate clearly; While the lyrics allow us to know who the character portrayed IS the character of Jesus – being written from the first person perspective it tells a story but does not encapsulate that figure in history  as they are represented in history – I felt it was more about this person in modern day society than a story of an ancient figure in history . Still a strong/well-written song

Rob From Amersfoort - Pygmalion & Galatea
Lyrically quite simple but well said from the perspective of Pygmalion and his drive behind the art he created. Some nice musical choices and changes.

Glen Raphael – Elisha the Prophet
I enjoyed the catchy repetition of “Elisha was a prophet” without it being a chorus – Though, when using a catchy repetition with the name of the song (about an ancient figure)– I would double-check how to pronounce Elisha.