Saturday, February 4, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 1 Reviews: Zarni de Vette


DQ: Edric Haleen - This Changes Everything
This production is crazy good and the way you reharmonized the melody of the Star Spangled banner, is quite awesome- could be a filmscore. I think the choice of spoken word on this was a good choice; the different narrators works really well too.

DQ: The Crack Fox - Erection
Didn’t seem like a lot of effort was put into this at all.

Turtle Fence - Mr. Brexit (or, Nobody Loves EU)
Would’ve preferred this just one vocal and not in the round style. Liked the simplicity of the production though

Adam Sakellarides - A Better Place To Live
I liked the creativity of the lyrics- the sarcastic was cleverly presented and disguised. Im not sure that the music quite matched the satirical nature of the lyrics

Sumner Wynn - The Great Weight
Lyrics were really well done- nice images and overall beautiful poetry. I read the lyrics aloud to myself and as a poem its got great flow and feels natural but when set to music it felt a bit disjointed and took away from the overall message for me

Megalodon - Democrat Pixie
Liked the overall idea and appreciated your attention to rhyme and the catchy chorus especially…the verses felt a bit off-kilter to me in terms of phrasing, rhythm melody and the fact that there was 5 lines..dont know if you really needed that to get your message across

Mick Bordet - Democracy Inaction
Your lyrics were absolutely poetic and outstanding… In a way I wish the song (and melody) moved along a bit more to serve the lyrics and highlight them. I felt i just had to wait too long to hear the beautiful words you put together

Alex Forger - Change The World (I Hope)
Great job musically…the lyrics were a bit literal for me

Rob From Amersfoort - Why
I like the perspective of the candidate singing and the production

Ross Durand - Homeroom
I liked the melody and the whole idea of Homeroom and all the viewers that felt like they lost and how their relationships with other people were affected by whoever they voted for. I was a bit confused about who she was though; there were times it was clear and other times it wasn’t

Army Defense - Elected
Great form musically! Melody was really catchy and the form was clear and easy to follow. The lyrics could’ve been a tad more clear

Jailhouse Payback - How To Lose A School Board Election
Overall sound was really appealing and satisfying; production, melody, phrasing! I liked the angle you chose, I think there may have just been a slighty more creative way to execute it; it said things pretty straight forward as they are

James Young - Vote For Me!
Cool production and lyrics- this was a bit literal for my liking- there may have been room to get a little more creative

DJ Ranger Den - My Fellow Mannabadoos
I like the angle you chose- cool melody on the main “hook” idea. I could’ve used a bit more of a rhyme scheme and the repeated part around :59 sounded like a disc skipping (may be a production mistake or intentional) but that broke momentum for me a bit especially happening so many times. Could be a cool thing for the very end

Kyleen Downes - Do What You Do
I like how the chorus has a sassy vibe and says things that you wouldn’t expect based on what you learn about her in the verses. Really nice verse melody too. It may be interesting to try rhyming the words only on the ends of the sentence (a true, what they call ABA rhyme) for example “Some folks say she’ll be fine, while others just look away, She shuffles back on home, for a quiet lonely night ”
Just changing your lyric to make an example, this isn’t necessarily the better way to say it but in terms of the rhyme scheme, if you did that throughout, you may have more unstable and stable or tension vs release to help the song move along. A lot of rhyming to me tends to sound pretty ‘stable’ or without tension and having some of that tension I think is nice because your ear can’t wait for it to finally rhyme. Hope I explained that well enough

Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - Spoiler
 I like all the imagery and metaphors. I also like the melody and chord change on “cuz I am the one”-  Verses could have used a melody tweak here or there to work a bit better with the chords (on the word “South” in the first verse) I’m all about picking a cool and interesting note, that one just didn’t strike me for some reason. I think its interesting that the singer says “I am the one wishing I’d never been born”- I wonder if there coud’ve been a cooler angle or if it would’ve been more interesting to have the character say something like "Thank God I was born” and make them sound so narsicisstic that the sarcasm is obvious…just an idea!

Ryan M. Brewer - ReCount, Revenge
Cool melodies and nice production with the harmonies. I especially like the Weezer like bridge. I think the one refrain of “You think you’re Jesus” works really well. I assumed that the perspective changes from one verse to the next (another character singing) but if thats wrong, that wasn’t as clear to me

Steve Stearns - Overthrown
I liked so much about this- the 80s like production and the melody as well as the overall idea. I wasn’t 100% clear on what stance you were taking in terms of the prompt you guys were given. Love the social culture reference in the second verse; the election felt a lot like that this year

Boffo Yux Dudes - Bully For You
Well crafted lyrics- very clever and thought out! Melody and production matched the overall vibe really well I thought. I could’ve used a rhyme scheme a little different than the perfect AA, BB rhyme scheme (in other words having the last words of the sentences alternate between rhyming as opposed to rhyming in pairs. This creates a bit more tension and delayed release to keep the listeners attention

Bryan Schumann - Royal Blood
This production was way cool- what a high quality recording. Loved the poetic lyrics and the vibey melodies. If it was more related to the prompt, in my opinion, I would’ve ranked it higher

Emperor Gum - Lucifer
Love the delivery of this- the spoken rhythm word over a cool satirical production! I got the powerful message early on and so I felt the song could’ve been a bit shorter and maybe used atleast one singing part to sort of break up the sound of the spoken word. Otherwise loved the lyrics- clever and poetically done!

Heather Zink - BeFührer
Loved the theatrical feel here- I could imagine the whole stage production. Very well thought out, and deep, point of view and the ending just hits you like punch in the stomach (in a good way!) I like that it’s from first person in this regard. The piano and the melody work beautifully together to paint this powerful vignette

Caravan Ray - Party Games
Super clever lyrics and rhymes….all the hidden messages and jabs…so good

Zoe Gray - Long Live The Queen
Super cool production-  happens to be commercially appealing too, I think! Liked the rhyme scheme as well as the melodies in the verses and the chorus melody. I like you taking it to another reign of power rather than presidency, especially a young queen. A really powerful message and use of Long Live the Queen…good job!

Kevin Savino-Riker - The Damn Breaks
Really cool guitar part and I appreciated that the phrasing was unique and creative- Im a stickler for words being stressed unnaturally (MIStakes in stead of misTAKES) because it distracts me from what is being said but Id hate to lose a lot of the cool rhythms you had- some small tweaks might make a huge difference. A line that has perfect lyric over rhythm in my opinion is “or consequence will cause a million heartaches” and the “handshakes” line.  Great images! Damn Breaks is a really cool title too.

Domingo - Bulería de Persuación
I dont mind the atlernate language, in fact I love that stamp on it.

Shyfox - Berdie
So so clever with the Berdie reference! When I hear this music I can just picture (him) the candidate- suits him so well with the ukulele and the production. Melody was really nice and just liked the whole idea

Jerry Skids - The Ethical Ballad Of Mayor Goldie Wilson
Back to the Future!! Love this super creative stance- nice melodies too. Kudos on a really unique idea, great harmonies too!

Dr. Lindyke - Doom's Day
LOVED the satirical interpretation; felt like it really had another level compared to some of the other entires from the candidates perspective. The music, even the vocals, matched this character too so kudos all around!

Ominous Ride - 19 Never Comes
So clever all around- nice production and use of rhyme to give it nice flow and a well crafted sound. A totally fresh take on numbers and how imperative  they are in this situation

27 Tikis - Kahuna Of The Corn Tropics
If I understood this correctly this was a tribute to Obama, a Hawaiian native- super well done…loved the production, the hidden messages (Ohana, sing to you every day- just to name a few) and the melody! Great job

Governing Dynamics - Concessions
Great production! I like the verse melodies and I love that it was obvious when the chorus came in (with another beautiful melody).  These songs are always hard to accomplish where the person knowing the prompt knows exactly what its about but an outside listener can form their own opinions but its obviously about being on the team of those that didn’t get what they wanted; very relatable on a lot of levels so good job not being too “on the nose” while still being clear! Commercially appealing too!

Mariah Mercedes - Election Of Love
So solid all around- melody, form, lyrics, commercial appeal…all things not easy to execute! I like the metaphorical approach. That voice is hard to deny!

Brian Gray - Abernathy Fitzgerald
Did you play piano on this? Awesome work if so..! This was very Ben Folds all around which I love. Great perspective; your point of view was clever and character was very believable. Musically and lyrically it was clever (while maintaining rhymth and flow too) and all parts worked together well. The ode to this Abernathy Fitzgerald is cool because I believe this character would get a lot of satisfaction from ‘bullying’ someone that use to bully him. This song, in my opinion had the most personality and spunk so you win in my books!

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