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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

SpinTunes 18 Final Round Songs

The Final Round album is now live at Bandcamp. Download or stream it at https://spintunes.bandcamp.com/album/spintunes-18-round-4 or embedded below. Thanks as always to Matt Schubbe for the cover art!

Now it's the contestants' turn to judge! If you entered Round 1 and didn't enter the Final Round (that is, you're not one of the five finalists), your votes will determine the SpinTunes 18 Champion. Rank all five finalists from 1 (favorite) to 5 (least favorite) and send your rankings to spintunescontest@gmail.com by the deadline posted below. You are also welcome to contribute reviews, which will be posted here. If you don't submit reviews, your rankings will be anonymized.

Also happening now is the Bonus Round! Choose a song from among the 92 official entries and shadows in SpinTunes 18 and record a cover version of it. We'll play them all at one last Listening Party on Monday, November 22. There's no competition in this round and you're welcome to participate no matter how you did in the tournament!

Upcoming schedule:
  • Now: Final Round Judging is underway; Bonus Round is underway
  • Sunday November 21:
    • 11:59 pm Eastern - Deadline for Final Round Judging and Bonus Round submissions
  • Monday November 22:
    • 9:00 pm Eastern - Listening Party hosted by Tommy G at https://youtu.be/6wb0RRRX4Jo
    • SpinTunes 18 Champion announced
    • Final Round reviews and rankings posted

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