Saturday, February 8, 2020

ST16R1 REVIEW - Russ Rogers

In Submission Order

Jocko Homomorphism - John Goodman's Crowbar 
A Gary Numan/Cars Vibe. Big Lebowski Theme. I bet there will be a LOT of those. Begins with what sounds like 30 seconds of Metal Machine Music. I've never seen Big Lebowski. That's on me. I own Metal Machine Music on vinyl. Dear Lord, trim that intro!
The Quantifiers - Dining in Dictionopolis 
Cello. Needs ukulele, even if that's a DoubleClicks thing. Wear your influences on your sleeve. CLEVER lyric!!! Lovely, innocent vocals. The melody runs up and down the scale like Gilbert and Sullivan or a Children's Song. But, that's what it is. I'm only two songs in, and this is one of my faves.
Ominous Ride - Running 
Great Production. Piano gets buried after the intro. That's too bad. Dark lyrics. Journey meets Toto thing. I can't tell what movie or book inspired this. But I like it.
Caravan Ray - A Soul as Light as a Feather 
Drums, Bass and Vocals. Huh. Capt. Beefheart? Do these people even know of Capt. Beefheart? Nice Production. Who is Miss Watson? (Mary Jane?) I want to know. Great vocals. I don't know the book or movie. I just don't care!
Steve Stearns - The Doctor Has No Time To See You Now 
Piano and Melodica? Neil Innes-like. Funny title. Funny punch. Great Piano HOOK! I'm hooked. I was expecting to hate this (don't ask why--no good reasons) and I loved it instead. WOW! What a pleasant surprise.
OutLyer - Take Me Away
Theme: Peter Pan. This sounds like a rough draft. It's got a chorus and ONE rap break. Then it repeats. It needs a verse. I needs more. Who had the recent pop hit with a Peter Pan Song. My daughters sing it all the time.
Jordan Carroll - WALL-E Meets Eva 
Chip Tunes, cool. Minimalism with Vocoder. Clever. I get it. But I never need to hear it again. The joke gets stale before the end of the song. It needs more. Less Minimalism, I guess. I don't hate it. I just wouldn't put this in a playlist.
Temnere - Amplified 
Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto. Styx meets TR-1. Robots...IN SPACE!
"Feast on your misery"?
"All Pain Amplified"?
I'm too depressed. It's too much winter for this dark stuff right now.
The Brewhouse Sessions - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of It All 
America vibe to the strummy-strum guitars. Strained vocals. Even more strained rhymes.
"BucketHat" Bobby Matheson - This Aggression Will Not Stand 
Buried Guitar. Odd Vocals. Another Big Lebowski song? Fame is double edged. I was hoping for more Accordion.
Boffo Yux Dudes - Logan's Run 
Bad synth patch. Very 70's Sci-Fi. That's probably intentional. But, that is an angry wasp in my ear.
Rob from Amersfoort - How to Stay Afloat
Why is his voice in a well? The song is only two minutes, but I'm drowning.
Vowl Sounds - Squid Linguistics 
Hypnotic Vocals. Why did I write that? I will have to listen again. Great production.
Faster Jackelope - Scotch and Soda 
Swirling guitar intro. Cool sound, but too long. Everybody's intros are generally too dang long
Mike Lamb - Falling Down
Full production. Shaky vocals. People. It's rock and roll. You don't have to sound good. You just have to sound CONFIDENT. Don't bury the vocals with effects. Don't sound like you don't know your own melody. Dive in!
Timothy Patrick Hinkle - Sorcerer's Son 
Mandolin. Ren-Festy! Jethro Tull's step-son.
Governing Dynamics - Chiba City Blues
Great Production. Buried vocals.
Nick Work - All Kinds
It's a Tom Petty song! Seriously, that's a good this. Nice, classic pop/rock! I needed this right now.
Jeb and Iwa - Memory Thief
Witchy vocals. Like Maleficent is singing. Not enough melody. Needs more memorable tune in a song called, "Memory Thief."
Good Guy Sôjàbé - Into the Maze
Peter Gabriel, wait. That's BOWIE!
Nice production, but there's a weird vocal effect. Weird vocals are just weird, not creative. The voice is great. Put less junk on it.
Ross Durand - Back to the Beginning (The Ballad of Inigo Montoya)
YES! YES! YES! Clever lyrics and a meringue (some Latin Rhythm). Fun. I expected more Princess Bride this round. This stuck to one scene. Very nice. And a real chorus!
Lichen Throat - Clear Sky and Cool Water
Two notes on a Bass is not a hook or an intro. It's Tom Sawyer! Another Capt. Beefheart guy. But the vocals are more confident. Poetic lyrics that do not scan. Rhyme needs Meter as much as Meter needs Rhyme. Neither has to be perfect. But don't break the Meter or Rhyme just to pack in more words. Hey, on the bright side, there's a real chorus and it's upbeat and catchy! Kudos for a happy chorus.
Menage a Tune - Peter and... 
Peter Pan should have been avoided as a theme. It's a bigger cliche than The Big Lebowski. I LOVE the harp accompaniment. The woman's vocals are buried. The harp should not be louder than the vocal. The duet part is cute, but it just repeats the first two verses together. There should be more payoff there. The straight repeat makes the song too long and too ponderous.
Glen Raphael - Right As Rain
Great guitar. Perfect. Glen's vocals have a jingle -jangle quality that is distinctive.  A REAL CHORUS! A BRIDGE! YES! And. Yes. Bang. Bingo! Packs a punch. I want to learn this song!
Mandibles - Rock Beats Paper
Another D&D Jethro Tull, Magic the Gathering thing? No. Wait. The distorted guitar kicks in and it pick up. The chorus is very cleverly worded. And here's a guitar solo that I can actually stomach. Kudos.
PigFarmer Jr - They're Here 
Poltergeist. Into is too long. Into is WAY too long. I command thee song, begin NOW! More than halfway in, still no song. Melody is swiped from somewhere. I'll figure it out eventually, if I ever get back to this song. 30 seconds of song for something 2+ minutes long? Nope.
Jerkatorium - In the Future 
Funny, punctilious, pedantic, redundant lyrics. These guys like They Might Be Giants. Nice dragged out....
...pause. Funny. I wish it rhymed and had a more memorable melody. I will listen to this again, but I doubt I'll be humming it tomorrow.


1Ross Durand
2The Quantifiers
3Glen Raphael
4Steve Stearns
5Nick Work
8Lichen Throat
9Good Guy Sojabe
10Ominous Ride
11Vowl Sounds
12Jocko Homomorphism
13Governing Dynamics
14Boffo Yux Dudes
15Caravan Ray
16Faster Jackelope
17Mike Lamb
18“BucketHat” Bobby Matheson
19Timothy Patrick Hinkle
20Rob from Amersfoort
21Jeb and Iwa
22Menage a Tune
23The Brewhouse Sessions
25Jordan Carroll
27PigFarmer, Jr

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