Sunday, February 9, 2020



Steve Stearns takes the round with his Indiana Jones tribute, followed closely by Ominous Ride, Ross Durand, and Glen Raphael.

Seven groups are eliminated this round... BUT... diligent rules-lawyers know that if they continue to shadow, they could be re-instated in another round. In fact, it's possible for a band to be eliminated in Round 1, enter shadows for rounds 2 through 4, be re-instated in the final round, and win. It's crazy, I know, but rules is rules. But you can't win if you don't play, so shadow!

Here's a breakdown of the scoring.

JoeDave*MicahMary AnnRussTotal
Steve Stearns2186421
Ominous Ride53431025
Ross Durand66171131
Glen Raphael114182338
Nick Work32528543
The Quantifiers202655258
Vowl Sounds18910121160
Timothy Patrick Hinkle1473171960
Caravan Ray10129151561
Good Guy Sojabe2310713962
Faster Jackelope7812201663
Governing Dynamics151615101369
Jocko Homomorphism92323111278
Boffo Yux Dudes12226261480
Rob from Amersfoort41913242080
“BucketHat” Bobby Matheson171321221891
Menage a Tune191516212293
Lichen Throat21272019895
Mike Lamb25212691798
Jordan Carroll2711221825103
The Brewhouse Sessions2618241423105
Jeb and Iwa2220252521113
PigFarmer, Jr2424272727129

It's very simple: judges rank the bands from best (1) to least (27); the numbers are added together, and that's the score. Low score wins. I break ties; and we have several ties this round but as none of them affect who's staying and going, I'm going to let them stand as ties.

Remember, scoring is not cumulative. Your goal is to get to the next round. 
Good luck!

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