Monday, February 3, 2020

SpinTunes 16 - Meet the Bands / Listening party

The first round deadline has passed, and I can reveal that of the bands that signed up, 27 made the deadline and are now considered "SpinTuners". Doing the math, I see that seven of these bands will be cut in first round judging, 7 in the second round, 8 in the third round, leaving 4 for our final challenge.

The Listening Party will be hosted by Tom Giarrosso ("Tommy G") on YouTube at 9 p.m. Eastern:

In alphabetical order, and in their own words (such as they are), our contestants are listed below. On the Bandcamp album you'll find their track art and or faces gracing their entries when you click through for details. Good luck to them all!


“BucketHat” Bobby Matheson
Veteran of Spintunes and Masters of Song-fu, “BucketHat” Bobby just doesn't know when to quit. With an obvious preference towards acoustic instruments, he has received the moniker of "The Analog Bard" from at least one member of his D&D group. Despite his self-deprecating humor, he believes himself to be lot funnier than he actually is.

Boffo Yux Dudes
We're in yet again! We feel the need to extend the 0-15 streak! Expect the unexpected! (And a list twist of lemon).

Caravan Ray
Caravan Ray

Faster Jackelope
Thank Glennny for the Frisbee meets the Cavedwellers with tones of Megalodon.

Glen Raphael
Glen Raphael is a SAG actor and occasional nerd-folk musician.

Good Guy Sôjàbé
UK-based rock three piece, formed in 2014 by fast-food connoisseurs SOrin, JAmes and BEn. Pronounced “Soh-Jah-Bey” - good luck getting Alexa to recognise that. Permanently on a mission to redefine the solution to 1+1+1.

Governing Dynamics
Back again.

Jeb & Iwa
Solo project stretching from ethereal ambient soundscape, to prog rock, to acoustic.

Jerkatorium is a side project of the band Matchy Matchy.

Jocko Homomorphism
JH still isn't sure if this is the contest for them, but wants to give it another go.

Jordan Carroll
Hi it's Jordan I'm back

Lichen Throat
Composing music on the banks of the Rio Grande

Described as “The Carpenters vs. Iron Maiden on Broadway,” Mandibles are frequent contestants in Nur Ein and SongFight, and made it to the final round of SpinTunes in 2018. Basically a couple friends who love to write songs about anything and everything. 

Menage a Tune
3-2-1 MaT is back with 3 voices, 2 harps and a piano. JoAnn Abbott, (the usual instigator) has enlisted the help of David and Loralee Crookston, her harp teacher and his wife, a piano teacher to see what Menage a Tune can come up with this time around.!

Mike Lamb
Songfighter of yore, trying new things.

Nick Work
Guitar player/songwriter from OKC.

Ominous Ride
English professor on the Monterey peninsula who is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Producer from Leominster, Massachusetts
Lover of EDM, Dubstep, Trap, and Alternative Rock he is a well rounded guy in the stomach and in his music taste

  • OfficialOutLyer on all platforms
  • OutLyer on Spotify and Soundcloud

Pigfarmer Jr
Why shouldn't you have sex with a pig? Because it'll squeeeeeeeal on you. 

Rob from Amersfoort
post-retro indie-pop

Ross Durand
I have written songs for a long time, mostly I teach science and hang with my family.

Steve Stearns
Hi, I'm a musician, producer and songwriter in Seattle, WA.
I composed the incidental music for the hit independent film Sonicsgate, which won a Webby Award for Best Internet Sports Film. It was shown on CNBC in 2012 and on ESPN Classic in 2014. My film credits include Cardboard, Every Day Is A Journey, and Bienvenidos a White Center. Commercial composer credits include Microsoft Bing, Genco, The Seattle Mariners and United Way of King County. Member ASCAP. I was a finalist in SpinTunes #12, looking forward to another round!

one man power metal project, specializing in all the good stuff

The Brewhouse Sessions
Two guys jamming on guitars on the back porch creating tunes when we can. We play mostly to entertain ourselves but occasionally someone will happen by that isn't offended. We can never get them to sing for us, so we have to do it ourselves.

The Quantifiers
Joey follows Angela around singing everything she says

Timothy Patrick Hinkle
Lofi DIY psychedelic folk singer. Guitars strummed. Kazoos hummed. General thrumming.

Vowl Sounds
Transatlantic dream-pop from Tom (Vom Vorton) and Owl (Gentle Brontosaurus). 

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