Monday, July 24, 2017

SpinTunes #13 Round 2 Deadline News

Congratulations to all those who made the deadline.

For now you should know:
  • There are 17 regular entrants from the last round. 
  • There are 2 wildcard reinstatements
  • There are 3 additional shadows 
  • The judges will be eliminating 7 bands this round.
As a reminder... the way wildcard reinstatements works is as follows: if we're supposed to get 20 entries in a round and we don't get them, then I will promote the shadow of the highest-ranked band from the previous round who submitted a shadow for the current round within the deadline... and I'll keep doing it until we're either up to quota or we run out of eligible shadows. Two bands shadowed and were reinstated. It could have been more!

Remember... it's never too late to shadow (except for the purpose of wildcard reinstatement).  If you got a finished or near-finished can still send it in. And if you're submitting a shadow after you've been eliminated, remember that it may get judged!

Listening Party Location:

Deadline Eliminations:
  • Gorbzilla
  • Inflatable Vegetables
  • Ominous Ride

Wildcard Reinstatements:
  • Jordan Carroll
  • JoAnn Abbott and M.A.T.