Saturday, July 29, 2017

ST13R2 Results!

Round Two is now complete, and as you can tell from the rankings, it was very close in every respect! And speaking of that, plenty of respect goes out to all of the contestants. Knowing that they could be reinstated, I hope that those who are eliminated this round decide to shadow round 3! Again, if you were eliminated, keep an eye on your inbox, as you will be asked to vote on the Round 4 entries to decide the contest!

Of the official entries, we had no disqualifications. The top 12 bands are going on to Round Two.

The Results

RankBandDave CheethamPaul RosenbluthBrian GrayDJ Ranger DenDaniel PrinceJosh Holober-WardTotal Points
1Glen Raphael41668227
2Boy on the Wall583131030
3Melissa Phillips621134531
5Sara Parsons106581333
6Edric Haleen121541012154
7Alex Valentine71284101354
8Governing Dynamics14310791154
9Jailhouse Payback997177655
10Little Bobby Tables810111521258
11W8 What113171614465
12JoAnn Abbott & M.A.T.317131151766
13Kevin Savino-Riker135151261566
15Micah Sommersmith111816317772
16James Young1771214181684
17Rob from Amersfoort1816149131888
18Matt Walton1514181815989
19Jordan Carroll191919191919114

There was a tie at the cusp and I broke it in favor of M.A.T. Though the opening verses were a bit weak, it cleared up, and I appreciated the more complex instrumentation... and it was just a fun song.

Kevin Savino-Riker - Megalodon - Micah Sommersmith - James Young - Rob from Amersfoort - Matt Walton - Jordan Carroll

Disqualifications (0)

  • Judges ranked the songs from their favorite (1) to least favorite (28). 
  • For each band, the ranks were added together to get a score.
  • The bands were sorted by score, low to high. 
  • Ties were broken by Dave Leigh.
The top contenders move on to Round Three. Scores from this round do not carry over and will not be used.

Stay tuned for the next challenge!

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