Saturday, July 15, 2017

ST13R1 Results!

Alrighty then! Round One is complete. Of the 28 official entries, we had one disqualification. The top 20 bands are going on to Round Two. We hope the rest will stick around and shadow.  And definitely keep an eye on your inbox... as a contestant, you will be asked to come back and vote on the Round Four entries to determine our final winner!

The Results

RankBandDave CheethamPaul RosenbluthBrian GrayDJ Ranger DenDaniel PrinceTotal Points
1Sara Parsons1118819
3Ominous Ride8393528
4Governing Dynamics612109441
5W8 What19684744
6Jailhouse Payback441571444
7Boy on the Wall5105151146
8Melissa Phillips323122646
9Glen Raphael9111119353
10Micah Sommersmith1114622154
11Alex Valentine1094141754
12Little Bobby Tables14161216260
13James Young71913131264
14Rob from Amersfoort13151912270
16Edric Haleen2325226177
17Matt Walton2523751878
18Inflatable Vegetables16181422979
20Kevin Savino-Riker212216181693
21Army Defense187232527100
22Emperor Gum2621241020101
23Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost1717172625102
25Jordan Carroll2226212115105
27JoAnn Abbott & M.A.T2727272423128
28Boffo Yux Dudes100100100100100500

Army Defense - Emperor Gum - Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - alpha.beta - Jordan Carroll - Jubilation - JoAnn Abbott & M.A.T.

Disqualifications (1)
Boffo Yux Dudes used the name of their celebrity in their title.

  • Judges ranked the songs from their favorite (1) to least favorite (28). 
  • For each band, the ranks were added together to get a score.
  • The bands were sorted by score, low to high. 
  • Ties were broken by Dave Leigh.
The top contenders move on to Round Two. Scores from this round do not carry over and will not be used.

Stay tuned for the next challenge!

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