Saturday, December 8, 2018

ST15R3 Results!

And our SpinTunes #15 finalists are...

Faster Jackalope123521619
Zoe Gray656246730
Third Cat797633230
Vom Vorton561855833
Governing Dynamics474399537
Good Guy Sôjàbé289984341
Brian Gray9108168942
PigFarmer Jr.8310410101047

* My rankings are only used in the breaking of ties or in case one of the regular judges doesn't deliver. All the regular judges did deliver, so my rankings are not summed into the total. The ties between Zoe Gray and Third Cat and Governing Dynamics and Temnere were broken by me.

** DQ

The next challenge will be posted at 10pm Eastern time. A very nice way to lead into Christmas! Those of you who were eliminated, please shadow. You've got one last chance to be reinstated! And please remember, YOU will be ranking the final four entries to determine a winner!

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