Saturday, December 8, 2018

ST15R3 Reviews: Chumpy Wumpikins

[DAVE'S NOTE: These are Chumpy's rankings and comments. His detailed reviews, as usual, will be included with Ryan's in Jerkatorium's podcast, to be found here: ]

My rankings might be a bit of a surprise to folks who have listened to my commentary on the podcast, which was recorded much sooner than usual after the songs were released. After several more days of listening and trying to think critically about the songs, the challenge, and my personal biases, my thoughts on ranking have evolved somewhat. A song I misunderstood and too quickly dismissed was reevaluated, and a song I initially really liked was diminished because I felt it wasn't "appreciably different" from their other songs in the contest.

The podcast is meant to be fun and entertaining, but I realize that my biased and flippant "hot takes" on people's hard work might be upsetting -- especially if I completely fail to understand what you're trying to do. For that I apologize in advance.

  1. Faster Jackelope
  2. Mandibles
  3. Third Cat
  4. Good Guy Sojabe
  5. Vom Vorton
  6. Zoe Gray
  7. Temnere
  8. Brian Gray
  9. Governing Dynamics
  10. PigFarmer, Jr.

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