Saturday, December 22, 2018

ST15R4 Reviews: Joe Lamb

Hi All,

Here we go then...

Zoe: Very well recorded – superb mix vocally.
I found it really hard to get past the over use of “Just” - a dreadful filler word - that seemed to have been used deliberately.
The song itself was lyrically excellent, but it was just too long, and melodically very limited. The last two verses weren’t needed, or, maybe, could have been spread across some of the earlier ones. But six minutes with a very pedestrian melody dropped this near bottom.  3rd

Mandibles: Nice 60’s vibe (maybe it’s my age!). Like Zoe’s, it’s a verse too long.
Recording sounds a bit rough, although I did like it...
Until the end. – it didn’t seem to fit with the bounce of the earlier verses.  2nd

Third Cat – Utterly torn about this one.
Probably the best idea of the 4 entries, but melodically it really dragged for me when it came to the accumulation
And the drinks seemed crow-barred in.    4th

Faster Jackalope – This is pretty much exactly what I would have expected  for this round.
A good song – decent lyric–no pretentions-poppy-song > Simple, well-written verses and a natural, unforced progression.
(Reminded me of early The Who! (A lot!) Great instrumentation, rocking guitar!)   1st

Just a couple of words about the shadows

Micah – kudos for the brass section!

Jocko – I like experimental music... I can’t say I picked up the accumulation – but I’d love to hear a straighter version of this.... (Concept album stuff!)

Vom – Nothing says Christmas like sleigh bells and drunkards!

Brian – This was your best song of the event! Wish it had been an entry

Good Guy Sôjàbé – Feck – that ROCKED!!!!! (‘Down come the teeth of the night’ is a GREAT line!)

Menage – 5 minutes too long – a capella didn’t carry it.

Glen – You would have won!

Glenny - Please re-record (or remix) use this instrumentation and write a ‘normal’ lyric to it.. (or basically rehash this one... I LOVED the tune and the hook of this.)

Cheers all – Merry Christmas!

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