Tuesday, May 8, 2018

SpinTunes #14 Round 3 Songs

The Challenge
Bach to the Future: Write a contemporary song based on a melody from classical music.
The Songs

  • Thanks to Tommy G for hosting another listening party! A tough proposition this round, as he did it and Nur Ein at the same time! Such devotion!
  • Thanks to Matt Schubbe for the album art! Bach is BACK, Baby!
  • And as always, great big thank you and congratulations to the bands who submitted songs for this round. You ARE the music!
There are 9 official entries and 4 shadows, PLUS a bonus cover of "Today's the Day" by Inverse T. Clown. You can find them on Bandcamp by clicking the album art, or just play them right here on the player. The judges will be reviewing & ranking the songs. The top 4 ranked entries will be moving on to Round 4, where they will be voted upon by the bands that were previously eliminated!
Good luck to you all!

Links of Interest (Song Bios, 3rd party reviews, etc.)
  • Edric posted a song bio for "With You", and has thoughtfully provided the sheet music for this song in PDF format as well!
  • Dr. Lindyke posted a song bio for "Far Away"
  • This space for rent.

Let's have another look at that cover art!

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