Saturday, May 12, 2018

ST14R3 Reviews - Tom Giarrosso

Once again, I’ve listened to theses a number of times in the car commute, as well as at the Listening Party. Same rules apply - I ranked for replayability and how well the challenge was accomplished, and reranked towards the end of the week as things grew or didn’t grow on me.

Temnere - Revolution
From the driving drums to the metal riffs, this one caught my attention. Sweet, building from the pre-chorus to the vocals in the chorus. I liked this one a lot.

Edric Haleen - With You
This one is right in Edric’s wheelhouse. The emotion and range hits all the right notes. 
The synth strings do set the mood.

Micah Sommersmith - I Sing for Clara
It’s not easy to get melancholia out of an accordion, but I think you've managed it 
Another tune that I kept playing all the way through in the car. 

Governing Dynamics - Forty-Five
I liked the new guitar tone. Also the vocal doubling. Works better the more you hear it.  I think Travis has the Tom Petty effect down pat.

Bubba and the Not So Amiable Kraken - Revolutionary Love
I liked the unconventional drums and the lyrics popped as a crazy love story. The chorus was odd, but the hook stuck in my head - so you got replay ability out of it. Nice piano run at the end. 

Megalodon - Magpie 
Nice guitar work! You seem to hit the tone of the old and modern and make it work together. 
I liked it.

Boy on the Wall - Yesterday
I don’t know if it was the minor key choice but this one just didn’t hit me. I liked the synth horns. but it just didn’t feel as strong as the other entries.

Jordan Carroll - Work It
I wasn’t expecting a smoky, dialog driven song. Surprising on several levels, in a good way. Dripping with attitude.

Glen Raphael - Yippie Ki-Yay
You made me laugh with the body count, which is too true for a Bruce Willis movie. Smart and snarky with a grain of truth. Love the writing, some funny lines as well.  Only downside was it didn’t hold up to repeat playings. Felt more like a novelty song. 


Dr. Lindyke - Far Away
I loved this song. Wasn’t expecting a torch version, which got me singing along. And when Heather jumps in the chorus, it’s magical. Nice counterpoint. Would have made my top 4 if it wasn’t a shadow. 

BYD - Sirens -
I’m biased, but I liked the way this one came together, and snuck the classical theme into the bridge. 

BYD - Ode to Marcel
Repeatability - Zero. Thought behind it? Priceless. 

Menage a Tune - Springtime Promenade
Springy piano and bouncy beat. Using a backing vocal added to the tune. The mix sounded off - I didn’t realize there were drums and a bass line in until I cranked the song. 

Jerkatorium - Today’s the Day
I wouldn’t have thought it was TDD from the intro. Nice way to make it your own!
Interesting choices in changing the vocals around. A solid addition to TDD cover lore!


Bubba and the No Longer Amiable Kraken
Governing Dynamics
Jordan Carroll
Micah Sommersmith
Edric Haleen
Glen Raphael
Boy on the Wall

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