Saturday, May 26, 2018

ST14R4 Reviews - Jerkatorium

As before, Jerkatorium's reviews will appear in PODCAST form at They inform me (Dave) that it was verrrry close (and I'm sure you'll hear about that in the podcast!) 

Here are their rankings:
  1. Kraken
  2. Micah 
  3. Megalodon 
  4. Temnere


You can directly download the mp3

00:00 Introduction
05:20 Micah Summersmith - The Tunes are Spinning
12:00 Bubba and the No Longer Amiable Kraken - Listening Party Theme
18:19 Megalodon - STLIP-15
23:00 Tenmere - Saturday Morning SpinTunes
28:15 Glen Raphael - Spintunes Listening Party (SHADOW)
32:19 Menage a Tune - Spintunes (SHADOW)
36:23 TailSpinTunes (SHADOW)
38:55 Rankings
49:41 Wrap-up

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