Saturday, May 26, 2018

ST14R4 Reviews - Tom Giarrosso

(Dave's note: Tom is travelling today, so he sent me these reviews from his car somewhere near Toledo, Ohio)

First thoughts- I loved all of these songs, and will literally be using them for future listening parties.

I’m on the road with just my phone, so here are some abrevaited notes on the tunes

loved the 70’s feel. Instrumental was just the right length, and the retort just put you over the top. 

awesome bubbly tune, with lots of history. Well done!

nice and meta. I liked the self referential lyrics. 

a hard rockin theme that works great! 

I love the multiple versions. Definitely a catchy bed to talk over

bouncy tune for a bouncy LP. And a spare one as a samba/conga line!

Good luck to everyone, and thanks for making some totally amazing tunes for ST14!

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