Thursday, November 8, 2018

SpinTunes 15 Contestants

While we're waiting for the Judges' reviews, lets hear from our contestants! (in order of submission)

PigFarmer, Jr.
Son of a man who once owned a pig.

Menage a Tune
JoAnn does Lyrics and sings. Ted plays piano and sings. Both come up with the music, and somehow they have managed to create a few tunes over the years. Let the games begin!

Forged in the fires of Palestrinian counterpoint, three voices joined together to form Mandibles. They fought their way through Nur Ein XIII, and saw that there truly was Only One.... but alas, it was not they. Not to be discouraged, Mandibles immediately set to preparing their first live show, and were only moderately stymied by the realization that only one of them could passably play any instruments. Now, having learned to play, the members have scattered to the winds, combining their voices through the power of friendship!

Faster Jackalope
Faster Jackalope is a mythical rock band of North American folk and indie rock scenes (a fearsome band) . Faster Jackalope is said to be so dangerous that hunters and rock critics are advised to wear stovepipes on their legs to keep from being gored. One of the ways to catch a Faster Jackalope live show, is to entice it with whiskey, the band's beverage of choice. Faster Jackalope can imitate the human voice, according to legend. During the days of the Old West, when cowboys gathered by the campfires singing at night, Faster Jackalope could be heard mimicking their voices or singing along, usually as a tenor, but sometimes as a jazz trio. It is said that Faster Jackalope, only records during lightning flashes and that their 3 locations (WA,CA,and PA) make the act difficult despite their reputation for productivity.

Brian Gray
"From there to here, from here to there, Brian Gray is everywhere."

Vom Vorton

Ex-band-member, current cat enthusiast. Long term songwriting-contest-addict. Guitars, synths, drum machines and singing, hopefully in roughly the right proportions.

Rob from Amersfoort

Blablabla Let's just see 

Zoe Gray

Zoe Gray sprang fully fledged, holding a guitar, from Zeus’s head seventeen years ago. She is now a homeschooling senior in Philadelphia. This summer, she wrote a musical, and is currently learning how to fully orchestrate it with Berklee Online. Spintunes champion, feminist bard, wild fey, bastard, Shakespeare aficionado.

Good Guy Sôjàbé

UK-based rock three piece. Formed in 2014 by singer SOrin and previous SpinTuners JAmes and BEn. Pronounced “Soh-Jah-Bey”. Our weakness is our greatest strength.

Running Green Lights

Jordan and Natalie return to channel their inner Depeche Mode, kinda.

Lichen Throat

However much you assume I know about music, I probably know less.

unheavy metal. light metal??

Third Cat

Resides in the United States of America. Interested in a variety of vibrations. Likes The Zombies.

Glen Raphael

Glen Raphael is a Brooklyn nerd-folk performer whose songs cover such topics as quantum physics, bedbugs, gorillas, and the Statue of Liberty's mid-life crisis. His act combines the intellectual and heartfelt with the silly, often with intricate fingerstyle guitar accompaniment.


Singer/songwriter looking to mix it up and challenge myself to creating original content.

Jocko Homomorphism

Jocko Homomorphism started as a bunch of mathematicians covering Devo in grad school. After graduating and moving across the globe, JH now puts out occasional solo jams.


marlon. was born in the desert and is therefore confused and frightened by the ocean. He hates bananas and sloths. marlon. loves people and hopes to be one someday.

Governing Dynamics
Trying to Do The Work.

Boffo Yux Dudes

Old guys who do know better. The Dudes started in 1987, reformed in 2009, and got time off for good behavior. Now they attempt to do music. Allan Morgan, Tom Giarrosso and Scott Mercer head this version of BYD with rabid optimism that they'll be remembered for more than just all those replays on Dr. Demento. Record holder of most ST shadow songs submitted. We live 3000 miles apart, so cut us some slack. Or cut us some HardTack. Be careful - you can chip a tooth on that stuff!

Ominous Ride

If you can imagine a cross between Simon and Garfunkel, Whitney Houston, and Primus, my music is like none of those.

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