Monday, November 5, 2018

SpinTunes #15 Round 1 Songs

Let's start with the link to the songs this time, and scroll down for some important announcements.

  • Thanks to Tommy G for hosting another listening party! Between YouTube glitching and his computer updating unexpectedly, he has his hands full. 
  • Thanks to Matt Schubbe for the album art! As always, super professional.
  • And a great big thank you and congratulations to the 23 bands who submitted songs for this round, both competitors and shadows. We look forward to seeing you next round whether it's as a competitor or as a shadow.

There are 20 official entries and 5 shadows, and you can find them on Bandcamp by clicking the album art above. The judges will be reviewing & ranking the songs. There will be 5 eliminations this round, 5 in Round 2, and 6 in Round 3, leaving 4 competitors in the final round in December.

Our regular judges for this competition are Spintunes #14 Champion Micah Sommersmith, Ryan and Chumpy of Jerkatorium, Joe Lamb, and Edric Haleen. This means that for the first time ever, all of the regular judges are former champions of SpinTunes or Song Fu!
Good luck to you all!

Links of Interest (Song Bios, 3rd party reviews, etc.)

  • Edric didn't submit a song this round. That didn't stop him from posting a mini bio explaining how he came to do the one thing he wasn't going to do... judge. You'll find it on his Happiness Board website.
  • JoAnn Abbot posted a mini bio for Menage A Tune's song "It's a Strange New World".

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